Intelligent Tutoring Systems

The Univesity of Valladolid presents the INTUITEL project in "Expoelearning International Congress and Fair 2015" (5-6 March in Madrid), under the framework of the Education Week.

ExpoElearning LogoThe INTUITEL project will be present in "Expoelearning International Congress and Fair 2015" (5-6 March in  Madrid), under the framework of the Education Week. Visitors will be able to test the INTUITEL prototype connected with Moodle, as well as to go deeply into the concept, discussing with the partners from the University of Valladolid, who will be in the INTUITEL stand during the whole two days of the Fair.

The INTUITEL system provides Adaptive learning available for large user groups, since its technology is available for any LMS. How does it do it? Given recommendations to the learner, with freedom of choice regarding space, time and content. INTUITEL provides a tool suite for content production and cognitive modeling, which is based on formalized pedagogical models and learning pathways. It allows also Re-use of existing content in the LMS. All in an intuitive and easy way.

INTUITEL: Intelligent Tutoring Interface for Technology Enhanced Learning

INTUITEL is a research project co-financed by the European Commission with the aim to advance state-of-the-art e-learning systems via addition of guidance and feedback for learners. Through a combination of pedagogical knowledge, measured learning progress and a broad range of environmental and background data, INTUITEL systems will provide guidance towards an optimal learning pathway. This allows INTUITEL-enabled learning management systems to offer learners automated, personalised learning support so far only provided by human tutors.

Logo-INTUITELThe INTUITEL project commenced in October 2012 with funding from the European Commission ICT FP7 Programme of 2.9M€ over the next three years and with further financial support from project partners. The theme of the project is Technology Enhanced Learning. The Consortium is motivated by a vision of transformative technology enhancement of the learning process to empower teachers and learners and to improve their quality of experience. This will open up greater scope for ICT-enabled critical reflection on a student’s rate of progress in learning plus formative evaluation to support their learning-to-learn, and accelerated and effective learning.

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